Affordable Video Security Cameras

You choose: watch from your TV or your smartphone!
Affordable video security cameras - hand delivered throughout Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Ventura County areas as well as many surrounding cities.  Video security cameras.

Affordable video security cameras hand-delivered!

High-quality yet affordable monitoring camera and/or recording systems available for Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Ventura County areas, as well as many surrounding cities.

A few hours from now, you could be monitoring either your yard, driveway, door, customer area or children’s play area -- on your own TV -- choosing from more than a dozen basic monitoring camera systems at reasonable prices!

While watching a TV show, switch to your 'security camera channel' in one second with your remote control on most televisions.

Choices include: color - black & white - 'night-vision' - wide-angle or telephoto - webcam to smartphone.

Also available: our affordable help for do-it-yourselfers to use webcam to smartphone video; we have tested all 'apps' and webcam models to separate the junk from the real tools, so you can use our tested step-by-step data to get it right the first time!

  • Cameras for
    • Houses
    • Businesses
    • Apartments

  • Basic set-up assistance included.
    • Certain conditions apply

  • Emergency set-up service available 24/7.

  • Special courtesies to Senior Citizens.

  • Many other types of cameras also available.

  • Single camera or multiple-camera systems.

  • Quick assistance to law enforcement and private investigation agencies.

  • Temporary and short-term systems available.

  • Emergency cameras can be recording 15 minutes after we arrive.

  • Low-price economy systems are our specialty!

  • Use for viewing live, or record with VCR or DVR.

  • We are 'See-It-Using-The-Internet' video security camera experts
    • Also known as webcam/IP/network/USB/PC/Mac/Internet video security cameras
    • You can check on your property from a remote location!
    • Also available: monitor your home or office using your smartphone!

Don't protect your children - vehicles - property with hardware-store junk toys!

Monitor your children

Monitor your house

monitor your car

webcam to

webcam to smartphone video

webcam video iphone blackberry

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